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  • Oriana Skylar Mastro

Amazon promotional deals - do not waste your time

One of the toughest things is deciding what is worth your time. Of course, this blog is designed to help you get through the annoying things quickly so you can get to the good stuff. BUT, sometimes things are sooooo annoying and the good stuff isn't so good. In these instances, you've got to let it go.

The trick is to make notes for yourself about what these admin tasks are. For me, one is redeeming amazon promotional deals.

I've gotten a lot of these types of deals - $5 a kindle book on your wishlist, free amazon music, digital credits when you choose slower shipping as a prime member, just to name a few.

These deals are processed in a weird way on - you can't actually ever see your promotional credit until after you complete the purchase. If you have such credit, customer service will just tell you to trust it will be processed correctly.

The problem? It rarely is. I am now 0/4 on amazon promotions. And this is an area where customer service will tell you there's nothing they can do.

Of course give it a 5 second try - click on the link, and if it works right away, go for it. but be careful! Ive gotten links for free 3 months of amazon music but then when I click the link the 'deal' is 30 days free. Anyways, if you can't see the deal applied in one form or another right away, don't waste your time. Delete the 'promotion' and move on. I promise you it isn't worth the back and forth with customer service!

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